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Well, yeah Ukwon, you are a stupid piece of sh**.
I don’t want to sound harsh at all, since you are my bias and I really really love you and I am a true BBC, but I can’t hold it back.
You are the biggest stupid piece of sh** I saw, beside of people falling in love and getting in a relationship with someone who obviously only uses them. 
You fell in love with that self-called selfish “model” of a b**** and are too blind.
You do like every fucking thing for her, not even drawing hearts for fans or anything else, because she MIGHT GET JEALOUS. And obviously SHE ALREADY GOT. I don’t know if this is true, but this is pathetic, boy. You can do whatever you want, but this is just wrong.
She wants to be the only girl you give attention to BUT she can pose HALF NAKED in a music video OF GANGSTER RAPPERS. Can’t you see how fucking stupid this is?
Sunhye really doesn’t deserve you and doesn’t seem to be in love with you at all when she EVEN DELETES pictures with you and her on her Twitter and uploads some other pictures with different guys. 

By the way, you had such a good friend in Block B called Minhyuk, but you needed to see him leave you, because you were too busy with her. I can understand Minhyuk that he started to search for new mates and ended up liking Taeil more than you.
Nobody wants to get replaced, right?

(Picture is a screenshot of Ihaveathingforblockb. And um.. sorry that Ukwon is there as a little messenger head.)

Gurl plz~~ even if ukwon broke up with her, he WONT end up with you!! Now, grow up & stop talkin shit or just leave the fandom!

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